Free Elf and Scavenger Hunt Cards | From Bloxstyle

With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, it's almost time for the Elves to return from their long stay at the North Pole! Ok let me rephrase that...Almost time to run around frantically looking for a new place to hide your Elf before your children wake up, because you forgot too last night!! I swore I'd never get an Elf, but the excitement of watching my kids definitely outweighs the thought of another thing on the list to do before bed! 

If you are in search of something new, and fun to try with your Elf, or you're just interested in what sort of things people do with their crazy Elf, you can always check out Pinterest. There are lots of fun and crazy ideas there! 

In addition to all of the fun ideas, we would like to share with you our Free Elf Notes and Free Scavenger Card Game. Each of these clickable links will take you to the free downloadable files that we created to play with our family. These are free for you to enjoy! A gift from our family to yours. We hope that your family has as much fun with them as we do! 

Let the fun begin!  

Lynn :)