About us

We Are Makers

We Are Makers

We value skill and craftsmanship, we embrace technology, we're obsessed with art, we design, we tinker, we build, and we love doing what others believe isn't possible. Through this simple ideology, Bloxstyle was born.

Our goal is to create and deliver smart, fun, well-made products, to the market, using safe and sustainable materials. Just as importantly, we do it all right here in the U.S., creating jobs for the community and choices for the consumer opposed to overseas purchasing and big box stores.

Bloxstyle is entirely family owned and operated, every item you'll see in our store under the Bloxstyle brand is handcrafted by us right here on the beautiful shores of the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland USA.

What Is Thoughtfully Handcrafted?

For us here at Bloxstyle the environment is our first passion; we owe our livelihood and our success to the managed forests that provide us with the materials to create our superior wood products.

Every item we craft under our brand, from our beautiful cutting boards and serving trays to our wood gift boxes and personalized signs are made from 100% FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified wood sourced from responsible U.S. suppliers. This means that no forests are harmed and no trees are illegally cut.

Each Bloxstyle product is created using Zero VOC water-based finishes that are safe to our environment while being tough enough to resist fading and cracking.

Our commitment is to continue supporting sustainable forestry and perfecting our responsible manufacturing techniques, allowing us to provide you the finest handcrafted products available while ensuring the preservation of our natural resources for generations to come.